Working closely with the Business Owner, CEO, the Board of Directors and senior management, we provide the following support

Optimized Capital Structure

  • Determining the appropriate capital structure
  • Supporting the capital raise process, including financial pro forma development, managing due diligence and negotiating terms
  • Developing and implementing short- and long-term cash flow forecasting processes
  • Optimizing working capital investments in accounts receivable and inventory Negotiating appropriate debt facilities to leverage an equity raise

Financial Leadership

  • Working closely with the CEO and Board of Directors to provide insight and strategic direction appropriate for the stage and growth plans of the company
  • Aligning the team of experts with your end objectives and developing a plan to reach your shareholders’ goals and value creation
  • Analyzing or developing acquisition or divestiture plans, as appropriate

Strategic Planning

  • We will work with you and your staff to identify and quantify the important factors that will affect your future growth and success

Financial Projections

  • We will take your vision of your company’s future and turn it into a meaningful financial projection
  • Producing granular operating and financial model

Key Performance Indicators

  • All businesses have key factors that, if regularly monitored, can give a current indication of how the business doing

Financial Restructuring

  • We are involved with every step of the process, from initial discussions involving your turnaround plan and situation assessment